charliecharger says:
Feb 10, 2016 6:09 PM
I knew this was going to happen as soon as Elway won the super bowl. Most ex-players will follow in the footsteps of Matt Millen, rather than John Elway. Does Peyton understand football? Absolutely he does. Matt Millen does too. Geez Millen played for Joe Paterno at Penn State, Al Davis in Oakland, the Bill Walsh/George Seifert 49ers dynasty, and Joe Gibbs who’s probably the greatest coach of all time. Millen was a member of some of the greatest pro and college football organizations in the world. Owners will be stupid to fall into this trap.


So, first off, I am not a broncos fan nor a P. Manning backer, however I felt the need to chime in. Miller was a linebacker, his level of understanding the offenses and defenses were much different than a very astute quarterback. I’m not saying one way or another that Manning is going to be the GM that’s going to change the game forever, but you cannot compare apples to oranges, or quarterbacks to linemen when speaking of knowledge. Bash all you want about Millen, he was way underqualified and out matched, but Manning could make a respectable GM. Personally, I think he is best used as a QB coach or offensive guru. But I’m just an armchair football fan.